Frequently Asked Questions

No.  Once you’ve completed an initial AppliTrack employment application with the Town of Windsor, all you’ll need to do is log back into the system and update specific areas as requested.  To apply for another position, check the name of the position in the Job ID box listed on the position vacancy page and then head to the confirmation page and hit ‘Submit’.  If additional information is requested after you try to submit your application, an “Error” message will be displayed in red showing what areas need to be completed in order to successfully submit your application for another position.

There is no residency requirement for Town of Windsor positions.

Positions within the Windsor School System and Board of Education are separate from the Town of Windsor.  If you are interested in a position with the school system, please contact the Windsor Board of Education at (860) 687-2000 or email  You can also visit the Windsor Board of Education website at for more information.

Each posted employment opportunity generally includes a summary of the position, minimum education, experience and certification requirements, salary and hours, closing date, information on any examinations for the position, and information on how to apply for the position.  Position announcements are available on the Job Vacancies webpage and may also be viewed and obtained in the Human Resources Office at Windsor Town Hall.

In order to be considered for a position with the Town of Windsor, you must complete an electronic application for the position of interest.  ALL vacancies within the Town of Windsor require a Town application.  Resumes and/or a cover letter may be attached to your electronic application, but are not required unless specifically stated in the job announcement.  Please do not email or send your cover letter and/or resume separately to the Human Resources Office.  All sections of the application need to be completed in full even if a resume is submitted with the application.  You can complete an application electronically here.

Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the posted closing date to be considered for the open position.

There are many factors which affect the amount of time it takes to fill a position with the Town of Windsor, for example: screening, testing, the hiring department’s schedule, background checks, drug screening, etc. However, the process from the application deadline date to the offer of employment generally takes six to eight weeks.

All candidates are notified electronically that we are in receipt of their application materials once they submit their electronic application If you are selected as a candidate to be interviewed, you will be contacted directly by the Human Resources Office and will be kept up to date through the entire recruitment process.

In order to comply with the Federal EEO-4 reporting requirements and statistical record keeping for the Town of Windsor, we ask all applicants to complete the EEO Voluntary Data Sheet included in the application. The information is voluntary and is not available to individuals involved in the hiring process. The EEO Data is kept separate from your application, so that it remains confidential.

It is in the applicants best interest to fill out the employment application completely. Remember that you will be competing with many other applicants during the initial screening process, so you want to make sure that your application is as thorough as possible.

The Town of Windsor accepts on-line applications for currently advertised vacancies. For a complete listing of our current vacancies, please visit our Job Vacancies webpage or call 860-285-1852. On-line applications for positions that are not currently advertised (i.e., Senior Transportation Driver, Police Officer, etc.) will be accepted and kept on file according to the State of Connecticut Records Retention Schedule.

A detailed description of hiring procedures can be found in our Personnel Rules – Chapter 7, Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Employees.

If you are interested in applying for any of our current vacancies, please complete an electronic employment application by visiting this page from your personal computer.  If you don’t have a personal computer to complete an electronic application, please feel free to use the computer at the kiosk set up in the Human Resources Office on the second floor of Windsor Town Hall, 275 Broad St., Windsor, CT.  Our office hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  For your convenience, there are also a number of computers available for your use at each of our libraries in the Town of Windsor (38 at the Windsor Public Library and 5 at the Wilson Branch Library).  We require all applicants to complete an electronic employment application.

The Town utilizes a number of sources to advertise for vacant positions.  All current vacancies are posted on our website and on the employment bulletin board in the Human Resources Office, 275 Broad Street, Windsor, CT  06095.  We also post/advertise in local newspapers, specialized journals, newsletters, college career centers, other municipalities and in such places as the Town Manager deems advisable