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Easterseals (ESCREC)

Easterseals Capital Region and Eastern Connecticut

75th Anniversary Community Festival

On the vibrant morning of Saturday, July 29th, between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern CT (ESCREC) proudly hosted a compelling and free public event. A celebration of 75 years of dedicated service to the Windsor, CT community, this event underscored their profound impact on individuals with disabilities, Veterans, and their families. The success of this event was achieved through the allocation of American Rescue Funds (ARF), channeled via the Community & Neighborhood Enhancement Program – a cornerstone of our commitment to cultivating safe, strong and diverse neighborhoods and families.

Guided by inclusivity, Dave Stevens, an ESCREC Board Member and Disability activist, led the Prostanz Ability Baseball Clinic, teaching essential skills to all. Wheelchair-accessible ramps, alternative food options, and engaging activities showcased their dedication to all abilities. Esteemed speakers, including Mayor Donald Trinks and Assistant Majority Leader Jane Garibay, highlighted ESCREC’s impact on our community.

With the help of American Rescue Funds, this event united families in a secure, all-inclusive space, offering support and connections.  

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