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Rainbow Creek

Rainbow Creek

We are thrilled to announce another successful project in the Multifamily Rehab Grant Program, made possible with the use of American Rescue Funds. This innovative initiative is dedicated to enhancing the stability and accessibility of affordable rental housing within our community, while simultaneously addressing the maintenance needs of distressed rental properties.

This success story comes from Rainbow Creek, where a three-unit property underwent a transformative renovation with a total project size of $66,800. The town grant, totaling $30,000, was instrumental in facilitating these crucial upgrades. The owner provided matching funds, demonstrating a collaborative effort between the town and the property owner to improve living conditions for residents.

The renovation work included essential upgrades such as electrical enhancements, sheetrock replacement, the installation of three new electrical water heaters, fitting three boilers, and replacing the roof. These enhancements showcase the program’s focus on code correction in our rental properties, giving priority to safety and energy efficiency upgrades.

Of the three units renovated, two were occupied by low to moderate-income tenants who are paying fair market rent, highlighting the program’s targeted approach to support members of our community in need.

The impact of the Multifamily Rehab Grant Program extends far beyond this project. By revitalizing affordable housing units, we are fostering a more inclusive and resilient community where everyone has access to safe and dignified living spaces. These renovations not only improve the quality of life for residents but also contribute to the overall vibrancy and attractiveness of our town.

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