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Wilson-Deerfield Advisory Committee / CREC

Wilson-Deerfield Advisory Committee / CREC

CREC-Wolcott School & Wilson Neighborhood Beautification Project

The Wilson-Deerfield Advisory Committee (WDAC) and the Capitol Region Education Council (CREC) collaborated on a transformative project funded by the Community & Neighborhood Enhancement Program (CNEP), made possible with American Rescue Funds. This initiative aimed to beautify the Wilson neighborhood, focusing on the removal and replacement of an overgrown garden with a more inviting and community-centered space.

The project unfolded in stages, beginning with the removal of the existing garden, which had become overrun with invasive plants. CREC covered all costs, including labor, associated with this phase. The subsequent steps utilized CNEP grant funds and involved regrading the hillside, adding new soil, and sowing grass seed to prepare the area for the new garden bed.

Engaging the community was a pivotal aspect of the project. Residents who participated in the spring 2023 Wilson beautification survey were consulted and invited to join in the planting of the new garden bed. In early October, a dedicated group of 8-10 residents, including WDAC members and town staff, came together to plant a variety of spring-flowering bulbs, perennials, and bushes which were paid for with CNEP grant funds. This collaborative effort not only beautified the neighborhood but also fostered a sense of community pride and ownership.

The impact of the project was immediately evident. The new garden now serves as a cheerful greeting to all passersby, including residents and families with children attending the CREC Headstart School. It has transformed the space into a vibrant focal point for the Wilson neighborhood, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and creating a welcoming environment for all.

This successful endeavor underscores the power of community collaboration and the positive outcomes that can be achieved through strategic investments like the CNEP, utilizing American Rescue Funds to uplift and enhance neighborhoods in our community.

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