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Windsor Arts and Museums Association (WAMA)

Windsor Arts and Museums Association (WAMA)

Windsor Arts and Museums Brochure

The Windsor Arts and Museums Association Brochure project is a transformative initiative for the Town of Windsor and the seven partner organizations involved, funded in-part through a grant from our Community & Neighborhood Enhancement Program (CNEP).

The brochure project holds immense value in stimulating public interest and awareness of Windsor’s vibrant culture and heritage offerings. It showcases a unique collaborative effort between multiple organizations, setting the stage for future joint efforts that promise even greater collective impact.

This project stands out as a trailblazer in Windsor’s tourism promotion endeavors. The extensive distribution plan, encompassing 90 sites, ensures broad reach, and the project’s longevity stretches through to June 30, 2024, maximizing its impact and influence. The Town of Windsor’s CNEP program and the pivotal role played by American Rescue Funds (ARF) underscore the vital synergy of community initiatives and public funding in propelling projects like these forward.

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