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Safety Information

Each Clean and Green Windsor participant must read the safety information below prior to participating in their first clean-up event. These guidelines are written to create a safe, organized, and fun environment for all participants. Please contact us at 860-285-1855 or email with any questions.

  • Participants must wear: high visibility safety vests (provided by Windsor Department of Public Works), closed toed/hard-soled shoes/boots, long pants/jeans, and heavy-duty work gloves. Participants are encouraged to wear sunscreen and bug spray as necessary. Participants may not wear headphones while conducting spot clean-ups.
  • All vehicles should be parked clear of roadways. Garbage bags should be left clear of roadways.
  • The Clean-up Coordinator should report any injuries requiring hospitalization to the Town as soon as possible or on the next non-holiday business day (whichever is sooner).
  • Participants should not touch or attempt to move oversized or heavy items. These items should be reported to the DPW after clean-up has concluded by calling 860-285-1855 or emailing
  • Participants should not touch exposed cables/wires or hazardous items (e.g., needles, chemicals, etc.). The Clean-up Coordinator should report any instances of exposed cables/wires or hazardous materials to the DPW office at 860-285-1855 or Police Department Non-Emergency Line at 860-688-5273 (on weekends, evenings, and holidays) immediately upon discovery.
  • Clean-ups should not be completed in low visibility, peak traffic, inclement weather, or nighttime situations. Participants should not enter into or complete clean-up in construction zones.
  • Participants should always work facing traffic when completing clean-ups on roadways. Groups should clean one side of the road at a time.
  • Participants are encouraged to conduct thorough tick checks after work completion.
  • Participants are encouraged to take breaks as needed and stay hydrated throughout the duration of the clean-up event.
  • Each participant (and guardian for participants under 18 years old) must sign and submit a liability/photo release waiver online prior to their first clean-up.
  • The Clean-up Coordinator is encouraged to bring a small first aid kit to each clean-up.
  • The Clean-up Coordinator should review these safety guidelines with the group before each clean-up event.