Personal Property Declaration

All questions must be answered. In as much as recent changes have been made to the filing requirements the notation “Same as Last Year” cannot be used on the return. Each section except that labeled “For Assessor Use Only” must be completed. While forms are available for downloading from this site, they must be submitted to the Assessor’s office in person or post-marked no later than November 1, 2023. No on-line or electronic filing is available.

All returns must be either (1) signed by the property owner, or (2) signed by an authorized agent of the owner.  “Owner” means the person who holds legal title to the personal property for which information is required, regardless of who is responsible for paying the property tax. In the case of a corporation, the word “owner” includes any officer. “Agent” is defined as any person duly authorized by the owner to file on his behalf.

You must file this return in the appropriate town on or before November 1st, or a 25% assessment penalty will be applied.

Section 12-41 of the Connecticut General Statutes requires all personal property owners to annually file an itemized property list with the Assessor. Residents must file in the town in which their property is located on the October 1st assessment date. Non-residents (i.e. persons with property located in a town in which they do not have a business location) must file in the town where the property situs has been established under the “three month rule” (Sec. 12-43). Situs for corporation property is determined under Sec. 12-59 (and Sec.12-43, if applicable).

Sec. 12-43 specifies that property of non-residents is taxable in the town where it is located for 3 or more of the 12 months preceding the assessment date. Even if the property has been sold, or was not located in the state on the assessment date, it must be reported if it meets the “three month rule”. If property was located in more than one Connecticut town preceding the assessment date, it is taxable in the town in which it was located for three or more months closest to the assessment date.

All property, including items fully depreciated (or “written off”) for IRS purposes, must be reported. If you, however, have no property to declare, return the form to the Assessor with a brief explanation.

The Assessor has the right to audit your books and reports, within 3 years of the date the return it filed. Substantial penalties are applicable if such an audit reveals that the property has not been filed as is required by law (Sec. 12-53).

The data reported on the form should be the same as reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 4562, Schedule C, or the company’s fixed asset schedule.

Taxable personal property includes all of the following, but not limited to:

  • Unregistered Motor Vehicles
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Test Equipment, Copiers, Fax Machines and Telephone Systems
  • EDP Equipment
  • Telecommunication Equipment (OF SERVICE PROVIDERS ONLY)
  • Equipment of Public Utility Companies
  • Rental DVDs and VHS Tapes
  • Monthly average of annual supplies


Forms are available for downloading from this site.  They must be submitted to the assessor’s office in person or post-marked no later than November 1, 2023.

No on-line or electronic filing is available.

For additional information contact the Assessor’s Office at (860) 285-1817