Commercial Permits

What Is Needed For A Commercial Permit?

Commercial permits have different requirements than residential permits. See below for some of the requirements and give us a call if you have any questions!

Required for Permit Application

  • 2 sets of plans
  • 2 sets of specifications
  • 2 original statement of Special Inspection forms
  • Letter of Authorization from owner to contractor
  • Workers Compensation form
  • License copy
  • Engineering peer review
  • Schedule of values
  • Site Plan Review / 3.9 Review & Approval for Existing Buildings
  • State Traffic Commission

Required information needed for final close out

  • Letter of Substantial Completion
  • Approval by FMO
  • Approval by Planning Dept.
  • Final report of Special Inspections
  • Actual Cost report
  • Final revised plans – CD if available