Can my landlord increase my rent?

If you have a written lease that has not expired, your landlord is not allowed to raise the rent unless the lease says so.

If you don’t have a written lease, your landlord can raise the rent at any time. For example, if you are a month-to-month tenant, the landlord can ask you to pay more rent the following month without giving you advance notice.

Note: Whether you have a written lease or not, your landlord is not allowed to raise your rent (or take away services such as utilities) if in the last 6 months, you

  • Asked your landlord to make repairs in your apartment;
  • complained to the health department, housing code office, or the Fair Rent Commission;
  • filed court papers because your landlord isn’t making necessary repairs in your apartment; or
  • joined a tenants’ union.

Even if your apartment needs repairs, you must pay your rent on time or your landlord can evict you. For more information go to