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P. Dixon Consulting

P. Dixon Consulting

P. Dixon Consulting is a financial consulting and education business that provides workshops, courses, and products to businesses, individuals, and schools throughout the area. They have been operating in Windsor since 2016, and many of their clients came from interacting with the community in person. This all changed when the pandemic forced them to stop all in-person meetings, and their revenue was significantly impacted by the change. They had to make the transition to operating almost entirely online, which, in addition to being a steep learning curve, cost a lot of extra money to purchase equipment, attend trainings, and make sure the staff was otherwise equipped for virtual services. This is where the $10,000 from the ARF Grant comes in. The funds will help P. Dixon Consulting to expand their advertising to attract more clients, continue the transition into a more digitally-based model, and allow the staff to attend trainings to keep their certifications up to date. This way, they can provide the best possible services to the Town of Windsor and beyond.

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