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Windsor Water Rats Express (WWRX)

Windsor Water Rats Express

“Blocks and Clocks” WHS Indoor Pool Improvements

The Windsor Water Rats Express (WWRX) Swim Team has received significant upgrades to their repertoire through the “Blocks and Clocks” project! This project was made possible through a Community & Neighborhood Enhancement Program (CNEP) grant using American Rescue Funds (ARF). This project underscores our commitment to creating secure, resilient, and diverse neighborhoods and families.

The grant has facilitated essential upgrades to their swim facility. Freshly refurbished diving blocks now offer a cleaner and safer starting point for swimmers of all levels. These blocks are of great benefit to their current team and will continue to support swimmers of various ages and abilities for years to come.

Moreover, the addition of larger and more visible pace clocks on the walls enhances the effectiveness of swim practices. This improvement aids swimmers in maintaining a consistent pace and promotes teamwork within each lane. Additionally, a digital pace clock accommodates swimmers with vision impairments, ensuring that everyone can access vital timing information.

Feedback from swimmers highlights the positive impact of these upgrades, noting increased visibility and ease of use. These enhancements will serve as a foundation for the next generation of swimmers in both the WWRX and Windsor Parks and Rec Programs. The enduring benefits of these improvements will be felt by our Windsor swimming community for years to come, as the indoor pool continues to be a year-round resource.

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