The Connecticut Department of Transportation announced that there will be a milling and resurfacing project on Route 75 in Windsor May 19th - 20th and May 23rd - 26th during the hours of 6 AM through 5 PM.

Town Manager's Report - January 4, 2021

Winter Parking Rules
Just a reminder that until April 15th, there is no parking on Windsor streets between the hours of 1:00 AM and 6:00 AM and no parking on any street during a snow or ice storm that has been in progress for one hour or more. Also, please do not leave your vehicle on the street in such a position that it impedes snowplowing operations or the free flow of traffic.

As the snow arrives this year, please remember that the town ordinance requires all property owners to clear snow from the sidewalk (and fire hydrants if there is one on your property) within 12 hours after the storm.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station
The EV Charging Station was recently installed before Christmas. This past week, Eversource was on site to connect power to the unit. We are working with the contractor to prepare for the commissioning of the unit and software. We anticipate this to occur shortly in the next two weeks. Per Town Council direction, there will not be a user fee through the end of June 2021.

Pierson Lane Zoning Violation
Town staff has continued to work with the town attorney to address apparent zoning violations on Pierson Lane. Several months ago, the Zoning Enforcement Officer issued orders to the property owner to comply with the zoning regulations. There has not been compliance, therefore the town attorney filed action with the court system requesting a court order to eliminate the alleged violations within the industrial zone. Unfortunately due to significant back logs within the state court system, a hearing on the matter was delayed several months. A preliminary court hearing is scheduled for this month. The town attorney will urge the matter be fully heard and resolved by the court as soon as possible, but again with the court docket being backlogged, there may be continued delays in the court proceedings.

Windsor Train Station Upgrades
The CT DOT is still planning on making improvements to the train platforms at Central Street. The work consists of constructing a high level platform on the west side of the tracks and to the north side of the train station building. Modifications will be made to the existing platform on the east side of the tracks. Some minor utility work has taken place.

DOT’s project contractor and Amtrak are working on an access agreement and safety procedures for work to be performed within the vicinity of the tracks. The schedule for work to begin on the platforms remains to be determined until a final agreement is in place. Per our agreement with CT DOT, the project contractor is utilizing a portion of the Mechanic Street parking lot as a staging area.

The Health Department, in conjunction with the Town of South Windsor, held our first two vaccination clinics the week of December 28th. 167 persons received the vaccine. We had great success with volunteer support and the gymnasium layout at 330 Windsor Ave worked well.

We are following CDC and CT Department of Public Health guidelines as to eligibility by tiers.
Phase 1 Tier 1a group will include:
1. Healthcare Workers (MD’s, nurses etc.)
2. Medical 1st responders: (EMS and police)
3. Public Health staff and vaccination volunteers

Phase 1 Tier 1b group will likely include town and school employees, other critical workforce employees in industries such as transit and postal service, grocery stores and manufacturing, and potentially adults over 75 years old. This tier could be authorized in late January depending on vaccine availability. Please note the State has yet to finalize who will be eligible in Tier 1b. Hopefully, clarity from the State will happen within the next couple of weeks.

Currently, plans are to conduct one clinic per week at the community center in Wilson as well as one a week in South Windsor through the next 3 weeks or so.

Eligible persons are able to get the vaccination at any clinic location across the state – they are not restricted to their hometown. This is to ensure that those eligible to receive a vaccination will be able to receive it as soon as possible.

Health Department staff is in the process of working on the logistics of ‘standing up’ a potential second weekly clinic in Windsor starting in late January or when the State authorizes Tier 1b vaccinations.

Please continue to take COVID-19 precautions during the holidays. Remember to mask up and maintain proper social distancing.