What do I need to know when installing a fence?

  • No permit is required for a fence.
  • Fences can be placed up to and on the property line.
  • You must know where the property boundaries are (property survey, boundary markers – pins or monuments).
  • We recommend you verify the property line with the neighboring property owners before you begin the work to identify any disputes.
  • Must be in accordance with Sections 3.1.2B and 14.1.8 of the Windsor Zoning Regulations.


3.1.2 B – Fences, Walls, and Hedges

  1. Residential Fences, Walls, and Hedges
    1. No fence, wall, or hedge in excess of four feet in height may be located within five feet of any property line within the required front yard.  Higher fences, walls, or hedges up to a maximum height of six feet may be erected within the required front yard if they are set back five feet from the property line for each additional foot of height.
    2. No fence, wall, or hedge exceeding six feet in height may be located within any required side or rear yard.
    3. No fence, wall, or hedge that obscures the vision of motorists or pedestrians shall be located within a ten-foot radius of the intersection of any driveway edge and a street property line.
  2. Non-Residential Fences, Walls, and Hedges

Fences that do not obscure the vision of motorists or pedestrians may be built to a height of eight feet.  Other types of fences, walls, or hedges shall be no greater than six feet in height.


14.1.8 Visibility at Intersections

To maintain a clear line of sight for motorists at intersections, no wall, fence, structure, planting, or other visual obstruction exceeding a height of two feet above the street grade (except for trees with a clearance of at least six feet below the canopy) shall be located within the triangular area formed by two lines measuring 35 feet along each intersecting street line from the point of intersection and a straight line or hypotenuse connecting those lines.