Excavation and Driveway Permits

Excavation and Driveway Permits

Please review our “Permitting Information” document below for a detailed explanation of how contractor’s are to obtain a Permit for work within the Town of Windsor’s Right of Way. All forms referenced within the document can be found below.

For contractors that regularly perform work within the Town’s right of way, please be sure to check the forms periodically as they are regularly updated.

Please be aware that the Windsor Engineering Department does not accept permit applications via the Windsor Building Department’s online portal at this time. Permits can be hand delivered, mailed via USPS, or emailed. See below for payment methods.

NOTE: Contractors performing work for a utility (MDC, Comcast, Frontier, etc.) within Windsor’s right of way are required to obtain a license from the Engineering Department. Please contact the Engineering Department if there are any questions.

Method of Payment
The Engineering Department now accepts credit cards, in addition to cash and check payments. Card payments can be processed in person or over the phone. Please review the document below regarding fees associated with credit card payments, as well as which cards are accepted.

Additional Information
The Engineering Department requires driveway permits due to the interaction with the Town’s right of way. For questions regarding driveway additions or modifications, please refer to the Town’s Planning and Zoning website or contact the department directly – 860-285-1980 or email them at planning@townofwindsorct.com.


**If the roadway has been recently resurfaced and/or carries significant traffic, the Town may require the use of flowable fill as backfill in trenches.**