What does Engineering do?

Road Improvements                                      

  • Provide survey, design and engineering support for major road improvement projects.

Professional and Technical Advice             

  • Provide engineering and technical consulting to other service units and boards & commissions.
  • Review subdivision and site plan development review.
  • Provide computer-aided design, drafting and design support.

Information Services                                    

  • Provide data and information for GIS mapping.
  • Maintain and update town engineering /architectural map files.
  • Provide information to the public regarding highway lines, construction projects, town properties, flood plain and subdivisions.

Stormwater Management 

  • Administer and implement the provisions of the Stormwater Management Ordinance and the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance.
  • Implement applicable portions of the Stormwater Management Plan; monitor staff reporting requirements.
  • Continue to inventory and assess the drainage system, and identify and resolve local drainage issues.

Capital Improvements                                         

  • Obtain and develop funding opportunities in support of the Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Implement capital improvement plan projects.
  • Work with regional, state and federal agencies to facilitate the implementation and completion of projects in the CIP.
  • Monitor major project progress and resources to ensure all specified and applicable requirements are met.

Landfill Regulatory Issues                                 

  • Provide technical and administrative guidance for the Windsor-Bloomfield Landfill to ensure that engineering related tasks and projects are in compliance with the Landfill Consent Order.

Flood Plain Management                                   

  • Administer and implement the provisions of the Flood Plain Ordinance and associated requirements.