Parks & Grounds Maintenance

Parks and Grounds maintains all school grounds, parks, playground equipment, benches, bleachers, picnic tables, and irrigation systems.

Parks maintained include:

  • Custer Park: off Custer Dr.
  • Deerfield Park: off Deerfield Rd.
  • Northwest Park: off Lang Road
  • Sharshon Park: on Skitchewaug St.
  • Stroh Park: off Ford Rd.
  • Trent Park: off Bloomfield Ave. and Stratford Ct.
  • Washington Park: on Lennox Ave.
  • Welch Park: off Poquonock Ave (Rt. 75) and Niles Road

Map of Windsor – map may be enlarged to view park areas and other town properties marked in green.

Parks & Grounds also maintains: 

Athletic fields at parks and schools are prepared and maintained for recreational use.

**Reservations for use of town parks or athletic fields can be arranged by contacting the Recreation Department at 860-285-1990 or and completing a park and field permit application.   

Ice skating rinks, tennis courts, and outdoor basketball courts are prepared for use.

Medians and planting beds in landscaped areas are maintained and restored.

Areas are mowed, trimmed, fertilized and weeded around town facilities, parks and playgrounds, roadside rights-of-way, and open spaces.

Bricks and sidewalk areas are swept in designed town areas.

Litter is picked up around public buildings, parks, medians, and along the roadside.

Decorative banners and holiday lights are hung in the Center of town.

Town trees are inspected, dead and diseased branches and trees are removed, sprayed for pest control, and stumps are ground.

Gravestones are installed and grounds are maintained at  Veterans Cemetery on East Street.

Veterans Administration

Carmon Community Funeral Homes

To report any problems, email or call 860-285-1855.