Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety maintains and installs:

  • Pavement markings, repaints crosswalks, stop lines and railroad crossings on town roads;
  •  Maintains and repairs 4 miles of guide rails;
  •  Installs and maintains traffic control signs, street name signs, and customized town entry-way signs;
  •  Maintains, tests, monitors and funds the utility costs for 20 town-owned traffic signals;
  •  Inspects, repairs, and maintains 776 town-owned streetlights;
  •  Funds utility costs for 3,699 streetlights in Windsor;

Most streetlights are owned and repaired by Eversource. Any problems should be reported to them at 800-286-2000

  •  Sets up and takes down equipment to support community functions such as:
    • Shad Derby
    • Chili Fest
    • Fife & Drum Muster
    • Memorial Day Events
    • Library Book Fair
    • Columbus Day Weekend Soccer Tournament
    • Northwest Park Country Fair
    • St. Gabriel’s and Wilson carnivals
    • Block Parties
    • Fishing Derby
    • Halloween events in Town Center
    • Lion’s Arts & Crafts Fair
  •  Stores property from state-mandaded evictions; auctions and/or disposes of unclaimed property per State Statute;
  •  Sets up and takes down equipment for referenda, primaries and elections;
  •  Performs 24-Hour emergency assistance to support police response to accidents and other emergency situations;
  •  Performs traffic engineering investigations.

To report any problems, email or call 860-285-1855.