Recycling Rules Now the Same Across Connecticut
Easy to Tell People “What’s IN, What’s OUT”

  • Bottle caps from plastic water bottles – in or out?
  • Pizza boxes – in or out?
  • Shredded paper – in or out?
  • Plastic bags – in or out?

There’s no longer any need for guesswork about what goes into the blue recycling bin and what you should put in the garbage.

That’s because – for the first time ever – recycling rules have been standardized across the state – and there’s now an instant source of information about them.

“We worked closely with recycling coordinators in our cities and towns and the six facilities in our state that accept recycled material to get everyone on the same page,” said Robert Klee, Commissioner of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  “With one set of rules in place everywhere, it’s now easier to provide people with the information they need to recycle more effectively.”

The public outreach effort to increase awareness of recycling rules is being spearheaded by The RecycleCT Foundation, a state–chartered fund that combines public and private resources to support the state’s recycling goals.

The outreach is built around the theme of “What’s IN, What’s OUT” and information about it can be found at Windsor Sanitation

For general recycling questions, comments, or unresolved service issues, residents should contact the Solid Waste Manager, Mark Goossens, at 860-285-1832.