Solar Powered Facilities

Windsor has gone solar!

Solar photovoltaic systems have been installed at the L.P. Wilson Community Center, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School, Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Facility, the Community Center at 330 Windsor Avenue, and Windsor High School. Since installing the systems at L.P. Wilson Community Center, John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Oliver Ellsworth Elementary in 2014, the town and school district have saved approximately $100,000 and produced approximately 873,000 kWh of clean energy (the typical Connecticut home consumes about 8,772 kWh per year).

The small photovoltaic installation at Windsor High School was purchased by the town via grant funding as part of a demonstration project.  It is maintained by the school district.  All other photovoltaic installations are the result of a power purchase agreement between the town and Solar City Corporation. Solar City is responsible for procuring, installing and maintaining the photovoltaic systems, while Windsor is obligated to pay Solar City on a monthly basis in consideration of the electricity generated by the solar panels.  As a result of a power purchase agreement, the town’s monthly electrical costs are lower and the amount of clean energy used to power Windsor’s facilities is greater.  In consideration of Solar City’s significant investment, the power purchase agreement lasts twenty years. Solar City would recoup its capital and maintenance costs through the power purchase agreement with the town, as well as through the use of Solar Tax Credits, Renewable Energy Credits, ISO-NE Forward Capacity Market Credits, CT Clean Energy Fund subsidies and other potential financing mechanisms. At the end of the twenty year period, the town has the option to either purchase the photovoltaic equipment at fair market value or have Solar City remove the entire system at no cost to the town and return the facility to its original condition.

Please visit the links below to view daily, monthly and yearly energy production  for each of our solar photovoltaic systems.

FacilitySystem SizeSystem Start Date
LP Wilson Community Center251KWSystem Start Date: March 29, 2014
JFK Elementary School242KWSystem Start Date: March 29, 2014
Oliver Ellsworth Elementary School150KWSystem Start Date: June 16, 2014
330 Windsor Community Center130KWSystem Start Date: July 2, 2015
Windsor Volunteer Ambulance20.4KW August 27, 2015
Windsor High School2 KWMarch, 2011