Stormwater Drainage

Public Works maintains drainage channels, outlets and detention ponds; repairs existing drainage structures and adds new drainage, as needed, throughout town, and also responds to erosion, road flooding and icing problems.

Storm drains are located on the side of the road and are installed as part of the construction of the road in order to prevent flooding of the roadway caused by groundwater and heavy rains.  They can be identified by a metal grate covering the opening.  The drains are periodically cleaned and maintained by the town.

To report a drainage problem, sink hole, or damaged drainage structure, email or call 860-285-1855.

Sanitary sewer and water lines are installed and maintained by the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC).  They are located at 555 Main Street, Hartford, CT and can be reached at 860-278-7850.  Sanitary sewers can be located anywhere in the road or right-of-way and have a large, solid round metal cover over the opening.  These sewers are connected to buildings and homes for the purpose of disposing of raw sewage. See MDC’s website for more information.

For wet basement problems, you may find the Homeowner’s Guide helpful.  If heavy rains are causing water to back up in your basement, contact the MDC at 860-278-7850, ext. 3600.  They will send a technician out to your home to inspect the problem and determine if you qualify for a free backwater valve repair or replacement.  These valves offer a crucial level of protection for homes prone to flooding.  Inspection by the MDC also helps to determine if a larger problem exists in the neighborhood.

If sewage backs up in your home through plumbing fixtures such as basement set tubs, toilets, etc., the MDC should be contacted first.  They can be reached anytime, day or night, at (860) 278-7850, ext. 3600.  The MDC will send someone out to investigate your problem. If the backup is due to blockage in MDC’s line, their crew will clean and repair the line.  Once repaired, their crew will make reasonable efforts to assist with cleaning the basement.  However, if the blockage is not caused by MDC’s line, you will be notified that the problem is in your house connection line, maintence of which is the responsibility of the homeowner, and advised to hire a plumber or sewer rodder to clean out the connection.