Dog Licenses

Rabies Clinic – Saturday, June 8, 2024 – 10:00 AM to 12 PMWilson Fire House

Dog License Renewals

Renewal Period: June 1-30, 2024
Late Fee: $1.00 per month beginning on July 1st.

Step 1

Expired Rabies Certificate

Did you update your dog’s rabies certificate since last June?  Scan or take a picture of the updated rabies certificate.  Email the updated rabies certificate to

Step 2

Renewal Options

Renew in-person at Town Hall:

Town hall is open to the public with no prior appointment required.  Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Renew by mail or drop box:

Either mail or drop your envelope in the tax drop box behind Town Hall.  Submit the following:

  • Check payable to the Town of Windsor (Fee list below)
  • Self addressed stamped return envelope
  • Updated rabies certificate or spay or neuter certificate (if not provided in step #1)

Renew Online:

Available beginning June 1st.  $1.75 processing fee will be added.

Step 3

Dog Tags

Dog tags will be mailed to owners.

DOG LICENSES – General Information

Dog licenses are required by state law for dogs six months or older. Newly obtained dogs must be licensed within 30 days of new ownership.  Dog licenses are renewed annually in June.  Late fees will be added for any dog license renewed after June 30th.  After August 1st, a $75 fine may be levied by the Animal Control Officer.

First Time Licenses

License your new dog by mail or with tax drop box. On-line licensing not available for first time licenses.  You will need to submit the following when licensing your dog:

  • Current rabies vaccination certificate
  • If necessary, proof the dog has been neutered or spayed
  • This application, although not mandatory to use, may help you gather all the necessary information for first time dog registrations.

Expired Rabies Certificate

Submit a copy of the rabies certificate from your veterinarian to the Town Clerk’s office.  A confirmation email will be sent within 2 business days to confirm that you may proceed with on-line renewals.

How to submit the veterinarian certificate:

  •    Email: Scan or take a picture with your cell phone and email to:
  •    Fax: 860-285-1909 (please provide an email address for a confirmation email.)

License Fees

Neutered male, spayed female:

Unaltered Male, Female:

Late Fee (per month):

Transfer of Ownership:
$1.00 (Begins on August 1, 2020)

Lost Tag:

Change of Residence
(within CT- must provide license from prior town):