What can I do wih all of my grass clippings and leaves?

The best thing to do with your grass clippings is not to make them in the first place.  If your lawn mower can be configured to mulch the grass as it cuts, the mulch remains in your lawn and naturally fertilizes as it decays.  You can also apply the grass clippings as a mulch around plants in your vegetable garden to keep the weeds down and fertilize your vegetables as well.  You can create a mulch pile by mixing grass, leaves, food scraps (no meat or grease), and garden waste, turning the mixture periodically with a shovel or pitchfork.  The Windsor Landfill will not accept grass clippings (or branches).

Leaves are collected in the fall by Windsor Sanitation on your regular trash collection day if they are placed in 30-40 gallon paper bags at the curb or in a collection bin with a special sticker attached.  Here is more information on Windsor’s Leaf Collection Program.