Where can I get rid of unwanted household chemicals, paints, motor oil, batteries, computers, etc.?

In addition to typical household waste and recyclables that are ordinarily picked up at the curb, the Windsor Landfill at 50 Huckleberry Road accepts motor oil, empty propane cylinders, batteries, electronics, and appliances (items containing Freon are accepted at no charge to residents).  Latex-based paints that have been left open and/or mixed with cat litter and allowed to dry can be deposited in your regular trash.

The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) runs a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program that collects many household waste items that are not allowed at the landfill such as oil-based paints, stains, polyurethanes, paint strippers, pesticides, household cleaners, etc.   If you cannot make the drop-off date Windsor, you can drop your items off on any of the other participating dates and locations.