Street Sweeping Schedule

Sweeping of all town streets and town parking lots is scheduled to begin the week of April 1, 2018.  Delays may occur due to weather conditions, but sweeping will continue until the entire town is swept.Sweeping will be performed in the neighborhoods listed below in the following order:
Street NameDate Completed
1.Walden Meadow, Prospect Hill neighborhoods4/6/18
2.School Parking Lots4/11/18
3.Poquonock, Farmstead, Village Lane neighborhoods4/13/18
4.Bloomfield Avenue area, Dudley Town Road neighborhood4/17/18
5.Matianuck Avenue, Robin Road neighborhoods4/19/18
6.Willowcrest, Meadowbrook, Green Manor neighborhoods4/20/18
7.Pigeon Hill, Millbrook, Pleasant St. neighborhoods4/24/18
8.Arrowbrook, Wilson neighborhoods4/26/18
9.Deerfield, Oakland Hills neighborhoods4/30/18
10.Clover St, Plymouth St neighborhoods 5/1/2018
11.Windsor Center area, Nook Farms neighborhood5/8/2018
12.Pilgrim Village, Kennedy Road (South)5/11/2018
13.Hayden Station, Palisado Ave, Kennedy Road (North)5/16/2018
14.River Street, Strawberry Hills neighborhood5/17/2018
15.Rainbow Road neighborhood5/30/2018
16.Day Hill Road Industrial Area6/15/2018


Sweeping of town streets will be postponed during school vacation to clean the school parking lots before returning to sweeping the streets.

Sweeping of bricks and sidewalks near the Green, the Town library, railroad station, Milo Peck Child Development Center, Windsor Avenue, the medians in Wilson, and the Windsor Center River Trail will also be done.

The order of the neighborhoods to be swept changes each year so that one neighborhood is not always swept first or swept last.