Featured Programs

The Windsor Senior Center offers a variety of recreational activities, social services and preventative health services to the town’s senior citizens. There are hundreds of activities for seniors to choose from including classes in the arts, wellness and personal development and sports and fitness. Throughout the year, there are lectures and presentations as well as numerous special events and trips.

Senior Fitness
St. Patrick’s Day Celebration - TV
Senior Variety Show - Social
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Health & Wellness

Discover a path to vitality and well-being through our senior center’s dedicated health and wellness clinics, tailored to support our community’s golden years.


Embark on a journey of lifelong learning and joy with our senior center’s diverse enrichment programs, designed to elevate your passions and create meaningful connections.

Trips & Adventures

Unveil the world’s wonders and forge lasting memories as you join fellow adventurers in our senior center’s captivating trips and excursions, where new horizons await.

Senior Fitness

Elevate your well-being and embrace an active lifestyle at our senior fitness center, where personalized fitness programming empowers you to thrive.