Animal Licensing

Connecticut requires all dog owners to purchase an animal license for their pet. Licensing greatly assists in returning a lost pet to its home. A license is the primary identification for dogs and must be worn on the pet’s collar.

Animal License fees are:

All Unspayed or unneutered Dogs $19.00
All Spayed or Neutered Dogs $8.00
Kennel License $52.00

Dog licenses can be obtained at the Windsor Town Clerks office located at 275 Broad Street. All dog licenses must be renewed in June of each year regardless of when the current license was purchased.

All dogs have to be vaccinated for rabies before a license can be obtained. State Statute requires that all domestic dogs and cats be vaccinated for rabies at three months of age.


Fox Memorial Clinic  

1-860-594-4503 (CT Humane Society)

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society       

1-413-781-4019 (171 Union St. Springfield, MA)

Friends of Animals        



1-888-367-8326 (Cats only)