“See Something Say Something”

The Windsor Police Department encourages participation in the national “See Something, Say Something" campaign.  If you see something or someone that raises your suspicions, you can use the link below to fill out a Suspicious Activity Report.  The report can be submitted anonymously and is user friendly.  It will be used to pass your information on to the Connecticut Intelligence Center.

If you would like to contact Windsor Police Department Directly, you can also report this matters to our dispatch unit who will determine how to properly handle the situation. Prior to calling we ask the you take extra care in considering why and what you are calling to report as being suspicious.

As specified by the Department of Homeland Security's website, Be sure that you make note of the following prior to calling our dispatch unit:

  • “Who or what you saw?
  • When you saw it?
  • Where it occurred?
  • & Why it was particularly suspicious to you?"

By making note of each of these prior to contacting our department and allowing yourself to analyze the situation clearly and calmly, you can better assist our department in addressing these matters. If there is an emergency Dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Homeland Security