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Staff Directory

Division Name Title Phone Email
Administration Don Melanson Chief 860-298-4311
Administration Suzanne Brannack Confidential Secretary 860-298-4312
Administration Andrew Power Captain 860-298-4313
Administration Michele Neary Lieutenant 860-298-4314
Administration William Freeman Lieutenant 860-298-4315
Patrol Anthony Valenti Lieutenant 860-298-4316
Administration David Sanchez Officer 860-298-4318
Patrol Peter Devin Sergeant 860-298-4321
Patrol Bernie Petkis Sergeant 860-298-4322
Patrol Joel Morneau Sergeant 860-298-4323
Patrol John Simon Sergeant 860-298-4324
Patrol Devin Saylor Sergeant 860-298-4325
Patrol Nick Dally Sergeant 860-298-4326
Detectives Thomas Messina Detective Sergeant 860-298-4351
Detectives Nicole Alberti Detective 860-298-4352
Detectives Brian Burke Detective 860-298-4353
Detectives Joseph Bibeau Detective 860-298-4354
Detectives Brian Connaughton Detective 860-298-4355
Detectives Renee Legeyt Detective 860-298-4356
Records Christine Rogovich Records Supervisor 860-298-4361
Support Services Gerald Joseph Evidence 860-298-4371
Support Services Denise Bracero Youth Engagement Officer 860-298-4380
Administration David Sanchez Admin Assistant 860-298-4318
Support Services Tyra Taylor Community Resource Officer 860 298-4348
Records Cynthia Clabon Records Clerk 860-298-4361
Records Marta Pelka Records Clerk 860-298-4364
Records Leslie Vendetta Records Clerk 860-298-4363
Officer Gerald Joseph Evidence Custodian 860-298-4371