We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask when they are in a public setting.
As of Monday, December 27th, face coverings are now required for all individuals in all town facilities regardless of vaccination status.

Staff Directory

Division Name Title Phone Email
Administration Don Melanson Chief 860-298-4311 melanson@townofwindsorct.com
Administration Suzanne Brannack Confidential Secretary 860-298-4312 brannack@townofwindsorct.com
Administration Andrew Power Captain 860-298-4313 power@townofwindsorct.com
Administration Michele Neary Lieutenant 860-298-4314 neary@townofwindsorct.com
Administration William Freeman Lieutenant 860-298-4315 freeman@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol Anthony Valenti Lieutenant 860-298-4316 valenti@townofwindsorct.com
Administration David Sanchez Officer 860-298-4318 sanchez@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol Peter Devin Sergeant 860-298-4321 devin@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol Bernie Petkis Sergeant 860-298-4322 petkis@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol Joel Morneau Sergeant 860-298-4323 morneau@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol John Simon Sergeant 860-298-4324 simon@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol Devin Saylor Sergeant 860-298-4325 saylor@townofwindsorct.com
Patrol Nick Dally Sergeant 860-298-4326 dally@townofwindsorct.com
Detectives Thomas Messina Detective Sergeant 860-298-4351 messina@townofwindsorct.com
Detectives Nicole Alberti Detective 860-298-4352 alberti@townofwindsorct.com
Detectives Brian Burke Detective 860-298-4353 bburke@townofwindsorct.com
Detectives Joseph Bibeau Detective 860-298-4354 bibeau@townofwindsorct.com
Detectives Brian Connaughton Detective 860-298-4355 connaughton@townofwindsorct.com
Detectives Renee Legeyt Detective 860-298-4356 legeyt@townofwindsorct.com
Records Christine Rogovich Records Supervisor 860-298-4361 rogovich@townofwindsorct.com
Support Services Gerald Joseph Evidence 860-298-4371 joseph@townofwindsorct.com
Support Services Denise Bracero Youth Engagement Officer 860-298-4380 bracero@townofwindsorct.com
Administration David Sanchez Admin Assistant 860-298-4318 sanchez@townofwindsorct.com
Support Services Tyra Taylor Community Resource Officer 860 298-4348 ttaylor@townofwindsorct.com
Records Cynthia Clabon Records Clerk 860-298-4361 clabon@townofwindsorct.com
Records Marta Pelka Records Clerk 860-298-4364 pelka@townofwindsorct.com
Records Leslie Vendetta Records Clerk 860-298-4363 vendetta@townofwindsorct.com
Officer Gerald Joseph Evidence Custodian 860-298-4371 joseph@townofwindsorct.com