History of Windsor Police Department

The Windsor Police Department was established in February of 1942. This original police department consisted of three total officers and was handed by Chief Paul Rustic, who was appointed on February 9, 1942. The original shift rotation being 5pm-1am by Officer Kenneth H. Lappe, 1am-9am by Officer Thomas G. Clancy, and the Chief’s shift being 9am-5pm. For the first two weeks of the department, these officers were forced to use their personal home telephone until the arrival of department issued radio units, which resulted in a delayed response time during this two week period. The location of the newly formed Windsor Police Department was located near the local rail road station in the center of town which previously functioned as the town fire department.

However,due to the rapid growth of the community, the Windsor Police Department was tasked with relocating to a larger facility during the late 1960’s. This Facility would later become known as Windsor’s Public Safety Complex, located at 340 Bloomfield Ave, while the departments previous headquarters would be redeveloped into what is now currently known as the Union Street Tavern. The Windsor Police Department decision to move into a section of the public safety complex has allowed department personnel easier access to Interstate-91, which in turn has aided in rapid response, making it easier for officers to attend to the unique needs of the community of Windsor and it’s surrounding areas.

Having celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2017, the Windsor Police Department would like to extend its sincerest appreciation to the community, the surrounding police departments, and other various organizations/agencies that work in-conjunction with our department. We deeply appreciate the continued support and cooperation from each and every one of involved in this collective effort. It is through your participation in which the Windsor Police Department is awarded its ability to continue to assist in maintaining the Town of Windsor, making it a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable community to live.

In August 2020 the police department moved from 340 Bloomfield Ave to 110 Addison Road.

The Windsor Police Station has had the following 6 Chiefs of Police:

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