State Statutes ( partial list )

14-272b Transport of dogs in pick-up trucks. Restrictions

22-329a Seizure of neglected or cruelly treated animals

22-333 Redemption of impounded dog, cat, or other animal

22-338 Dog License requirements

22-339b Rabies Vaccination

22-339c Required to show rabies certificate to A.C.O.

22-341 Dog license attached to dog collar

22-344f Veterinarian examination of cat or dog imported into state by animal importer

22-349 Unlicensed dogs

22-351 Theft, killing, or injury of companion animal

22-354 Imported dogs and cats. Health certificates

22-358 Quarantine of biting dogs, cats or other animals

22-359 Control of rabies

22-359e Tags and certificates indicating rabies vaccination

22-362 Annoyance by dogs on highway

22-363 Nuisance Dog (aggression or barking)

22-364 Dogs roaming at large

22-350a Tethering and confining of dog

22-365 Obstruction of Animal Control Officer

22-366 Cropping of dog’s ears

53-247 Cruelty to animals

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