School Resource Officer

The Windsor Police Department values community interaction and is very proud of our School Resource Officer Thompson. Officer Thompson offers the entire Windsor High School community his services. Through his placement at W.H.S., Officer Thompson is able to offer his unique wisdom and support for a variety of student, parent, and faculty needs.

The Windsor Police Department follows the national model which is a Triad approach, with law enforcement as the base, on one side is being a guest speaker in classes and on the other side is being a mentor or counselor.

As a guest speaker, an SRO would go into classes and speak about law related topics or speak from a law enforcement perspective on a topic they are learning about.  The mentor or informal counselor part comes in by speaking to students about current topics and pitfalls youth make, like social media, bullying, date rape and sexting.  The goal is that by mentoring and speaking in classes it helps build trust and bridge gaps between youth and police, help make better citizens and students, help with keeping disruptions to a minimum and hopefully we don’t have to do the law enforcement part as much.

School Phone Number: (860) 687-2115