What do I do with a bad check?

Bad Check Procedure
If you have received a bad check in the Town of Windsor, (“insufficient funds”, “no account” or “account closed”) and you want to have the person charged with a criminal offense and arrested, follow the below steps, reference Connecticut General Statute 53a-128. A “stop payment” check is generally not prosecutable.
Mail a letter to the person that gave you the check:
Mail it to the person to the ADDRESS ON THE CHECK
Specifically request that restitution be made with 8 days
If your letter was received, wait a full 8 days
If the letter is returned to you “Unclaimed” or “Undeliverable”, start the below listed procedure immediately:
Contact the Windsor Police Department and schedule an appointment with a detective to file a complaint
Bring the following with you to the Windsor Police Department:
Original check
Postal Receipt for the Certified Letter
Return Receipt OR the unopened returned letter
Know the date that the check was returned to you by the bank
Do not accept partial payment from the person. Once partial payment is made, it is no longer a criminal matter and your only recourse is civil court.
Checks/property loss valued under $50 may not be accepted by the court.
Windsor Police Department- Detective Division
(860) 688-4545
Monday-Friday  7AM to 3PM