We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask when they are in a public setting.
As of Monday, December 27th, face coverings are now required for all individuals in all town facilities regardless of vaccination status.

Support Services/Detectives

Lieutenant Michele Neary neary@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext. 577
Lieutenant Bill Freeman freeman@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext.
Sergeant Thomas Messina messina@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext.
Detective Renee LeGeyt legeyt@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext. 521
Detective Brian Connaughton connaughton@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext. 515
Detective Joe Bibeau bibeau@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext. 546
Detective Brian Burke bburke@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext. 526
Detective Nicole Alberti alberti@townofwindsorct.com 688-5273 Ext. 541